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1. Collecting and using information
In accordance with the “Privacy Protection Act”, the Martinić Promet d.o.o. undertakes to collect the personal data of its users only and solely with their permission and for the purpose with which the user of the service has been previously acquainted. In order to realize the required services and provide the necessary information regarding the same, the Martinić Promet d.o.o. will only use the information you give to us personally. We undertake not to sell them, take them out to the public or give them to a third party in a way that is not mentioned in this statement. Every user has the right at any time to request the deletion or updating of their data, by sending a notice to our email.

2. Reservation of services
When using our service, buying a product etc, we will request personal details of the end users (name, surname, contact number), ie the information we need to be made for a valid services. These data will only be used for the realization of the service and will only be available to partners participating in the realization of the service. Payment details (such as card numbers, etc.) are specifically protected and are only available to banks or credit card holders due to the need for payment authorization.
We explicitly state when we need your personal information. We pass your personal information to the relevant third party who is the service provider you have paid through Martinić Promet d.o.o.

We remind that you must be of full age for the execution of transactions through our pages, and you hereby accept financial responsibility for the transactions performed by you persons or minors residing in your household. You are responsible for overseeing the juveniles who use your information here and for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information you provide us for the booking or financial transaction. In the event of any misuse of this site (entering a false reservation or similar) will be disabled access to our site.

If you notice that Martinić Promet d.o.o. does not comply with these principles or you have any other remarks on the way you do business, please let us know at our email and we will use all the economically justified efforts to investigate and correct the problem as soon as possible.

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4. Marketing activities
In case you wish to apply for Newsletter, we will request your approval information, such as name and email address, which we will only use for these purposes. At any time you can unsubscribe from the list by clicking “Unsuscribe” at the bottom of the mail or sending an application to our email where you will be asked to remove your information from it.

5. Security of Internet Use
Martinić Promet d.o.o. website takes all steps to protect the user’s information. Entering confidential information is completely safe and the same are protected. Access to it is limited only to people who are required to provide the quality of the service requested.

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8. Limitation of Liability
The information on this site is considered correct at the time of entry. All data will be reviewed regularly, and any errors will be removed immediately. Martinić Promet d.o.o. reserves the right to change the information on this site without any special warning.

9. Prohibited Illegal Use
By using these web sites you agree that the information obtained here will not be used for prohibited or illegal purposes or actions.

10. Change of these Terms and Conditions of Business
Martinić Promet d.o.o. reserves the right to change these terms of use of the Website and other terms of business. Changes do not affect already made and paid reservations.

Privacy Preference Center

Koristimo kolačiće (eng. „cookies“

Koristimo kolačiće (eng. „cookies“) za pružanje boljeg korisničkog iskustva. Nastavkom pregleda web-stranice slažete se s uvjetima korištenja.

Što je kolačić?
Kolačić je informacija spremljena na Vaše računalo od strane web stranice koju posjetite. Kolačići obično spremaju Vaše postavke, postavke za web stranicu, kao što su preferirani jezik ili adresa. Kasnije, kada opet otvorite istu web stranicu internetski preglednik šalje natrag kolačiće koji pripadaju toj stranici. Ovo omogućava stranici da prikaže informacije prilagođene Vašim potrebama.
Kolačići mogu spremati širok raspon informacija. Ipak, sve informacije mogu biti spremljene jedino ako Vi to omogućite – web stranice ne mogu dobiti pristup informacijama koji im niste omogućili i ne mogu pristupiti drugim datotekama na Vašem računalu. Zadane aktivnosti spremanja i slanja kolačića Vama nisu vidljive. Ipak, možete promijeniti postavke internetskog preglednika tako da sami odaberete hoćete li odobriti spremanje kolačića, da automatski pri zatvaranju internetskog preglednika obrišete spremljene kolačiće i slično.

Kako onemogućiti kolačiće?
Isključivanjem kolačića odlučujete da li hoćete dopustiti pohranjivanje kolačića na vašem računalu. Postavke kolačića mogu se kontrolirati i konfigurirati u postavkama vašeg internetskog preglednika.
Ako onemogućite kolačiće, nećete moći koristiti neke od funkcionalnosti na našim web stranicama.

Kakve kolačiće koriste naše stranice i zašto?
Naše stranice koristi kolačiće s primarnim ciljem kako bi naše web stranice vam omogućile bolje korisničko iskustvo. Kolačići se koriste za pamćenje korisničkih podataka i postavki.

Kakvi još kolačići postoje na našim stranicama?
Postoji nekoliko vanjskih servisa koji korisniku spremaju limitirane kolačiće. Ovi kolačići postavljeni su za normalno funkcioniranje određenih mogućnosti koje korisnicima olakšavaju pristup sadržaju. Trenutno omogućujemo kolačiće društvenih mreža (Facebook), servisa za mjerenje posjećenosti (Google Analytics i Gemius Audience) te oglašivačkih mreža poput Google AdSensea.

Dodatne informacije
Trenutno postoji nekoliko web-stranica za isključivanje pohranjivanja kolačića za različite servise. Više informacija možete saznati na sljedećim poveznicama: